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Ghost Immobiliser Fitting Near Me

The Autowatch ghost ii immobiliser II is a approved TASSA device that guards against key cloning. It makes use of the buttons on your vehicle to generate a unique pin code that only you are aware of. This code is then entered through the buttons on the steering wheel or on the central console.

The device is hardly noticeable and will not be affected by jamming, circuit cuts or technology that grabs codes. Insurance companies often offer discounts on vehicles that have an Ghost immobiliser fitted.


The cost of an immobiliser could be high but it’s worth the investment. It protects your vehicle from hacking and cloning, as well as key theft. It also allows police to track your car in real-time, so you can retrieve it more quickly. Additionally, it prevents thieves from driving away with your vehicle by shutting down the engine. It is easy to use and can be used with existing keys or remotes.

The thieves are able to easily acquire tools for cloning and lock pick sets to copy the keys to your car. The Autowatch Ghost is designed to stop this new threat and give you assurance that your pride and joy is safe from theft.

This device is connected to your vehicle’s CAN data network and an individual PIN code is programmed into it using the buttons on the dashboard or on your steering wheel. The vehicle will only be started after the correct sequence of disarming is entered. The Autowatch Ghost can also be placed into Valet/Service mode to allow for the vehicle to be driven whilst parked but with set parameters such as 30mph speed limit and access code.

The mobile app can also be used to turn on the CAN immobiliser, which will issue an alert when the vehicle is moving. The app is simple to use and is available for download via Google Play or Apple App Store. The application can be used remotely to deactivate your immobiliser. This is helpful when you’re transferring your vehicle to a service provider or valet.

Once it’s installed, it’s hidden so that it can’t be altered. It can be programmed to block certain features, like the sunroof and power seat to stop thieves from taking your vehicle. It also has a built-in panic button that can be activated in the event of an emergency situation, and disable the starter motor and fuel system of your vehicle.

It is crucial to choose a reputable company to install a ghost immobiliser. All TASSA approved installers are required to have a clean record and must undergo an extensive background examination. During the process of installing, the technician will make sure that no one is able to see the device and will not leave any evidence behind.


Modern car theft can happen in seconds and thieves are determined to get inside and out of your vehicle as quickly as they can. This is why Ghost 2 immobiliser immobilisers were designed to protect your car from being stolen, and stop it from starting if the correct security PIN hasn’t been entered.

The ghost device is connected to the vehicle’s CAN data network, and transmits signals to the ECU that can only be detected by the authorized driver’s mobile phone application. It’s therefore difficult to spot and works completely undetectable. It doesn’t require any cutting of wires when it is installed and can be concealed within the vehicle. The system can be used on any car, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

It is not vulnerable to key cloning or hacking. This makes it a valuable asset for any vehicle owner who is concerned about the safety of their vehicle. The device creates a unique PIN for the owner of the vehicle. It can be entered by pressing the buttons on the doors or steering wheel. The device is able to be connected to GPS trackers to provide real-time information about the location for the vehicle.

The ghost immobiliser price immobiliser comes with a variety of advanced features and is also completely irreversible. It won’t void your warranty. It is TASSA-certified and recognized by a few insurance companies. It does not require wire cutting during installation, which makes it a safer alternative to a standard factory-fitted immobiliser.

In contrast to traditional immobilisers, the ghost is directly connected to the CAN bus in your vehicle. This permits it to transmit and receive encrypted data. It also prevents it from starting the engine unless the key fob is used or the ghost mobile app is installed. The application can be installed on any smartphone and is simple to use. The app also comes with an anti-hijacking function which can be activated by pressing a button on the dashboard.

The Ghost immobiliser is compatible with many vehicles in the UK. It also is resistant to jamming and key cloning. Additionally, it is equipped with no LED indications to reveal its location.


Ghost immobilisers can be an excellent way to keep your car ghost immobiliser safe from theft. They connect to the CAN bus network in your vehicle and stop the engine from running in the event that the correct pin is not entered. This is a great alternative to traditional alarms for cars which can be manipulated by professional thieves. They are also simple to install and are TASSA approved and insurance companies offer discounts on vehicles that have them installed.

Autowatch Ghost is a small immobiliser that is easily integrated into your car’s system CANbus. It is designed to protect against key hacking and cloning making it impossible for thieves to take over the vehicle’s ECU. It also has an application for mobile devices that can be used to reset the immobiliser if it is disabled by a criminal. This is a great feature that will help police officers track down thieves and recover your car that was stolen.

The Autowatch Ghost uses a new technology to safeguard your vehicle from a variety of theft. It is TASSA-approved and has been designed to stop your car from being started with the wrong key fob or button combination. It is also resistant to devices that jam or spoof and can be used to acquire codes from the original key fob.

Ghost immobilisers are not as obvious to thieves as physical deterrents such as wheel clamps or steering locks. It can be wrapped in black tape or covered with a Tarp. It is easy to install and doesn’t require additional components. This means that thieves will have to spend extra time searching for the device. Additionally, it could be mounted on a vehicle without lights or alarms, which will make it harder for them to locate it.

The Autowatch Ghost 2 immobiliser is the first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser that provides protection against key cloning and hacking. It is integrated with the CAN data network, and lets the user to enter a PIN by pressing buttons on your dashboard or Ghost 2 immobiliser steering wheel. TTW will create your personal PIN code. You can select an arming sequence that can be as long as 20 presses that are unique to you. The device is completely undetectable by anyone who may get into your vehicle. It doesn’t utilize radio signals or any LED indicators that can be detected by thieves.


The Autowatch Ghost is a unique next-generation immobiliser that guards against theft without the requirement for additional key fobs and without cutting wires. The device is weatherproof and can be installed anywhere. It has buttons on your vehicle (such those on the steering wheel, centre console, or door panels) for you to input your PIN code. There is also an option for valet service that lets you disable the Ghost without revealing your pin code.

The system has been developed to guard against modern day key hacking and cloning, which could result in your car being stolen. It integrates with a car tracker application that can help police locate thieves who have robbed your car. Moreover, the app can also notify you when your vehicle has been removed from its original location. It will notify the police of this.

The Ghost is also unnoticeable by car thieves, as it doesn’t emit radio signals. Therefore, it is impossible to alter the system with scanners or any other diagnostic tool. It is a possibility to use it in a variety of vehicles such as vans and motorhomes.

Ghost immobilisers will not void the warranty of your vehicle or affect its resale value. It can be fitted to almost any car model and will not cause harm to the engine or electrical systems. It is also easy to install and doesn’t require additional wiring.

10 Things You Learned In Kindergarden That’ll Help You With Ghost Immobiliser For Sale插图5188项目网-优质网赚项目与精品VIP课程免费分享平台Many are concerned about having their vehicles stolen due to the increasing number of criminals. Keyless entry vehicles are more prone to theft than vehicles that have traditional locks and keys. The majority of thieves are able to steal a vehicle in a matter of minutes when they have the right tools and know-how. ghost immobiliser near me immobilisers can prevent this, because it stops thieves from starting your vehicle’s engine. It will not permit the engine to start until you enter a security PIN or enter your phone number.

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